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      We know that a virtual introduction may change how you get to know George School, but it hasn’t changed us. We are just as curious and creative, diverse and united as ever. Until you can be here in person to experience it, we will do our best to help you get a sense for the vibrant learning environment that is George School. While clicking through our website feels a bit different than strolling through campus, we believe the spirit of George School can be felt wherever you are. Fill out an inquiry form to stay up-to-date on more opportunities to get to know George School.

      Interested in George School for fall 2020? Although we are currently fully enrolled, we know that families’ plans may change due to the COVID-19 crisis. If you would like to consider George School for your child, feel free to contact our Admission Office.


      Attend a Virtual Information Session 欧美变态另类残忍视频

      Sign up for a virtual information session followed by a live Q & A with a current student and a member of our admission team.

      Sessions are available at 10:30 a.m. EST.



      Discover the world of learning and personal growth that awaits

      As you pull in through quiet woods, the rooflines of lovely old buildings emerge. No, this is not some magical hideout. It’s a school. Even if you have seen photos of campus or our Campus Map, chances are that your jaw will drop when you see the real thing.



      Take an aerial tour of our 240 acres of expansive lawns and wooded hillsides

      If you were here in person, you might walk down the halls and peek in some classrooms. Chemistry lab here. Clay studio there. Discussions from Achebe to Zapata. Reading The New York Times. Writing code. Speaking Chinese. Or venture inside those charming dorm exteriors to experience their lively interiors.

      Back outside, you can watch a soccer game or pet a horse. “Mind the Light,” literally, as it streams into our historic 1812 meetinghouse, moved here in 1974, or the two-centuries-newer Fitness and Athletics Center nearby.

      Ready to see it for yourself? Take a virtual walk through campus with Jake Malavsky ’15.

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      Inquiry Form 欧美18girlsferees

      Interested in learning more about George School? Fill out our Inquiry From today and we’ll be in touch soon!



      Join Jake Malavsky '15 for a virtual tour of George School.

      Application Tips少交女

      At George School, our classes are small, and each student gets lots of attention from their advisor and teachers. We designed the admission process to unfold the same way.

      Everything you need is right here on our website and we are always ready to help you through our application process at any time.

      Interested in learning more? Complete our Inquiry Form today!

      Meet Our Tour Guides善良的小峓子



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      For Howard, it’s the constant presence of dormmates that makes the heart grow fonder.



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      For Maya, living in a diverse community means more than meeting different people; it means seeing from different points of view.



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      Three-sport athlete Annie develops friendships and fitness at George School.