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      A Quaker-affiliated program, the George School Children’s Center is a community of children, teachers, and parents engaged in creating a safe and open environment where children learn through collaborative exploration with one another and with the adults who nurture them.

      Our program integrates nature and the exploration of George School’s beautiful campus into the curriculum. Our natural play spaces stimulate children’s imagination and curiosity and expose them to opportunities to explore, question, and develop theories about the world they live in. Being outdoors in all sorts of weather extends our children’s investigations and encourages spontaneous exploration and movement. Based on their observations of the children working and playing outdoors, our teachers frequently use the outdoor setting as a classroom space, maximizing their classes’ learning opportunities.


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      Enrollment is open for the 2020-2021 school year programs.

      Contact Program Director Pamela McCullough at 215.579.6561 with any questions.

      The George School Children’s Center fosters social and emotional development and promotes self-regulation by using positive guidance techniques and coaching children to develop problem solving and conflict resolution skills, important factors in future scholastic success. Our classroom environments promote engagement and independence with active and quiet areas. Teachers intentionally connect with children to extend learning and develop strong, caring relationships. The staff work hard to help children understand their emotions, solve problems, and find solutions independently. Positive social interaction and positive communication are modeled in every classroom.

      We offer a program for children from six weeks through five years of age. Our center hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

      The George School Children’s Center participates in the Keystone STARS program. The George School Children’s Center is an equal opportunity care provider.

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      The George School Children’s Center is located in Main Building on George School’s campus, located one mile south of Newtown, Pennsylvania.

      To schedule an appointment to see the center, email us at or call 215.579.6561.

      Mailing Address
      George School Children’s Center
      PMB 4188
      1690 Newtown Langhorne Road
      Newtown, PA 18940-2414