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        The Summer Bulletin is Now Available! av片在线观看

        To read this season's edition, click here. 
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      • SBS Featured in 新闻day av片在线观看

        SBS was recently featured in a Newsday article regarding private schools returning to campuses in the fall. The piece highlights the lengths to which private schools, and The Stony Brook School in particular, went to ensure the continued virtual education of their students—and the lengths to which they plan to go when reopening.

        Head of school Joshua Crane was quoted in the article, saying "kids need to go back to school, and we can do it in a safe and healthy fashion—so please give us the chance to do that."

        Read the article here.

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      • A Message to Our Community from Head of School Joshua Crane and Director of Equity and Inclusion Chris Burtonav片在线观看

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        Emmy Specht '20 Featured in 新闻day av片在线观看

        Emmy was featured as an "Extraordinary Senior" in Newsday's most recent edition. Read the article here. We're so proud of you, Emmy!
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        Graduation Car Processional for the Class of 2020av片在线观看

        On May 24, SBS held a graduation car-processional to celebrate the hard work and determination of the class of 2020. For the celebration, the school invited seniors and their families to decorate their cars, show school spirit, and parade through campus. Seniors were driven up Chapman Parkway to the cheers of the school community, including faculty, staff, and dorm parents. 
        We’re extremely proud of the class of 2020 and want to honor them while also maintaining social distancing protocol,” said Director of Upper School Kris Ryan. “Our seniors have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and we are excited to provide them with an opportunity to celebrate all that they have accomplished together.”
        Because some of the senior class was unable to attend due to distance, the school ordered large cardboard cutouts of the students’ faces to use during the procession. The faculty or staff advisor of each absent student paraded their likeness up Champan Parkway to the cheers of their community. The event was also live streamed so those unable to attend can watch in real time, and can be found here.
        After the procession, cars then drove onto the softball field to hear a brief address from Head of School Joshua Crane.

        We are so proud of our seniors and hope to celebrate more officially, in person, in August! More photos to come.
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        The Water Lilly Project av片在线观看

        SBS junior Lilly Jette recently began "The Water Lilly Project" after hearing local hospital workers have been getting rapidly dehydrated from wearing extensive personal protective equipment (PPE) during this pandemic. 
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        Student Starts Food Drive for Families in Need av片在线观看

        SBS senior Emmy Specht began running a food drive in early May for families in need due to circumstances prompted by COVID-19.
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        Some Good 新闻 - SBS Edition av片在线观看

        In celebration of the good still happening at our School, Some Good News, SBS Edition, was filmed and compiled! Watch it here.
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        2020 Senior Class Acceptances av片在线观看

        The results are in! 37% of SBS seniors were accepted to at least one school on the US News Top 25 Universities list, and 73% were accepted to schools ranked Most Competitive by Barron’s.
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        Tenebrae Service av片在线观看

        On April 9, SBS streamed a Tenebrae service that incorporated scripture reading, singing, and other performances that journey through the last hours of Jesus’ life, as He faced His arrest, torture, and crucifixion.
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        Hospital Face Shield Shortage Solved at SBSav片在线观看

        In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and shortage of materials hospitals are facing, a group of high school students and faculty at SBS have come up with a solution that can be produced in the STEM Lab and, soon, across the country—protective face shields at a fraction of the originally expected time and cost.

        See the story featured on Fox News here! 
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      • COVID19 Update av片在线观看

        An important Update from Joshua Crane, Head of School, on The Stony Brook School's plan of action in regards to COVID19.
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        Upper School Robotics Advance to Regional Championships av片在线观看

        The SBS Upper School Robotics Team competed in the FIRST Robotics Long Island Regional Competition against 27 other teams on February 2. 
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        "The “Why Do You Want to Study Here?” Supplement Question and Why It Matters"av片在线观看

        Assistant Director of College Counseling Erik Johnson and SBS Senior Judy Tao co-wrote an article that was recently featured in the NYS Association for College Admission Counseling Newsletter. 
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        Chess 团队 County Sweep av片在线观看

        The SBS chess team recently swept the Suffolk County tournament, scoring 18.5 points out of a possible 25. 
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        Middle School Robotics 团队 Success av片在线观看

        Our Middle School Robotics Team competed in the FIRST LEGO League Qualifier this past weekend, and team HydroBears will be moving onto the championship round next month.
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        Semifinals Sweepav片在线观看

        On February 1, The Stony Brook School Ethics Bowl team won the Long Island High School Ethics Bowl for the third year in a row!
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        Annual International Festival av片在线观看

        On Saturday, January 25, we held our annual International Festival. It was a wonderful night spent celebrating diversity, culture and unity, and over 30 countries were represented!
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        Ritholtz Wealth CEO Advises Students on Success in Finance av片在线观看

        Students enrolled in the finance mini-course had the opportunity to glean wisdom from Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO Josh Brown on Jan. 23.
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        Celebrating the Legacy of MLK Jr. av片在线观看

        The SBS community celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the importance of the civil rights movement in our country on January 20. An assembly was held to not only honor Dr. King but other important civil rights activists, including Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks—both of whom this plaque outside of Carson Auditorium was donated in honor of. 
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